Geary County beckons those who are yearning for an outdoor escape to see what we have to offer. Whether you are wanting to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating outing or to dive into an energetic adventure that invigorates the senses, we offer a magnitude of possibilities. 

Our sprawling network of trails, spanning 12.5 miles in Milford State Park alone, welcomes you with varied vegetation of brilliant color, picturesque views that allow your imagination to wander, and best of all an escape from your normal everyday routine. The opportunities we offer do not stop there, the natural splendors that have graced this region for centuries also span beyond the State Park into Fort Riley and the expansive Geary County boundaries.

With something for everyone, our trails cater to hikers, horseback riders, as well as cyclists. Even the water recreation enthusiasts can include the Kansas River, a National Water Trail that meanders through the striking landscapes of the county, to their itinerary. The National Water Trail status ensures not only an immersive experience with nature but also a well-maintained route that highlights the diverse offerings of Geary County. 

Speaking about water, we not only have rivers to enjoy, but also Milford Lake, Geary State Lake, and a group of ponds that will delight you with opportunities for fishing, boating, and kayaking; and don’t overlook the option to experience swimming in the lake or in our large community swimming pool. And if this is a family escape to the outdoors you might want to consider also cooling off at either of the splash pad parks. 

To spark the extraverted fire within, we have a diverse assortment of outdoor events offering up fun in the sun with live entertainment, shopping, parades, as well as celebrations that focus on recognition, observance, education, and historic preservation. Summer kicks off with the Kansas Aviation Expo which is fun for the whole family, and continues on with the Junction City Juneteenth In The Park celebration taking place in one of our abundant parks around town.  We also invite you to escape your routine and join our five-day Freedom Fest celebration for the 4th of July where you will leave your worries behind and become immersed in the epitome of merriment. 

Geary County presents the opportunity for you to design an escape that best fits your desires. Junction City Main Street is host to a Farmer’s Market and Maker’s Market, allowing you to meander through and shop for fresh food offerings and original creations you cannot find anywhere else. While out enjoying the day, you should also find our whimsical Mural Alley and JC statues that bring an interactive and artistic element to your day in the sun. Or if you would enjoy something sportier, the Rolling Meadows golf course or even a Brigade Baseball game might be just the perfect addition to add.

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Whether you imagine your escape to include exploring the vast trails with a camera in hand, soaking in the rays while casting your lines into a lake, learning about the rich history of the area while you appreciate our memorials, or celebrate with the locals at a festival– when you imagine yourself experiencing the perfect escape, you are imagining yourself in Geary County. 

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