Beneath the crisp winter skies of Fargo, North Dakota, an extraordinary winter wonderland comes to life for the six-week-long celebration. We invite you to embrace winter during Frostival from January 13 to February 24, 2024. Designed to infuse joy and warmth into the coldest months of the year, Frostival features an array of exciting indoor and outdoor activities that cater to every winter enthusiast’s dream. 

Kickball, snow sculpting, and curling are a few of the thrilling outdoor events. For those who prefer the cozy indoors, attend the 10-minute plays, movie nights, or coffee and cocoa crawl. Plus, Mary’s Light Tunnel makes a gorgeous backdrop with over 50 thousand lights guiding you along the Red River. 

Kid-Friendly Fun

What sets Frostival apart is its unwavering commitment to provide family-centric entertainment. Frostival is a place where families can come together, bond, and create unforgettable memories. Bring the kids out to the bouncing bash – an indoor inflatable party – or to Viking Ship Park for the snow sculpture competition.

The Adventure Awaits 

Frostival is truly a spectacular journey through the heart of winter. With a plethora of outdoor recreation activities like free cross-country skiing and snowshoeing along the river, winter disc golf tournaments, candlelight trail walks, and winter kickball in the snow. 

Frostival in Fargo
Community Spirit

Fargo-Moorhead is known for the hearts of the people who make up the community, and the community pride for Frostival is a good example of that. The festival thrives on partnerships with local businesses, park districts, and other organizations, underscoring the heartwarming support that the Fargo-Moorhead community brings to life.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Frostival in Fargo-Moorhead. Mark your calendars for January 13-February 24, 2024 and embark on a remarkable winter adventure. 

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