If you love the amazing outdoors and are dreaming of finding a place with star studded skies, snow-peaked mountains, and river-carved gorges away from the maddening crowds, then come to Grant County, Oregon. 

From early June through September Grant County’s weather is perfect for hiking, swimming, rock hunting, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and family gatherings. Traffic is sparse. Campsites are numerous, spacious, and available. With more than 75 campgrounds, three State Parks, and many free picnic areas, you can find your spot to enjoy days of laid back, uninterrupted, fun. 

Experience the quiet and peacefulness of Big Creek Campground. Or try Trout Farm with its small, accessible, family friendly pond surrounded by the Malheur National Forest. If you want to be close to town, go to Clyde Holiday State Park and wade barefoot in the scenic John Day River.  For the more adventurous, hike into Strawberry Lake or the Field’s Peak Trail.  Enter the county from the Northwest and camp at Lone Pine Campground near Kimberly. It’s rustic and serene.  

Come out of the mountains and follow the valley highways to several renowned, regional museums that offer a look at the history of a bygone era. The family history buffs can visit the celebrated Kam Wah Chung Heritage Center or explore the renowned John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Sheep Rock Unit.  Hit the trails and gaze at 45 million old plant and animal fossils and visit the Thomas Condon Visitors Center. 

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Take home photo memories of family and friends gathered around the campfire roasting marshmallows, jumping in a cold, clear mountain lake, wildlife crossing the road, or curious faces absorbing history coming alive. 

Memories that will remind you of this magical place called Grant County, Oregon. A place that will always be here.  Visit now, come again.  You’ll be glad you did!