As summer temperatures warm, days stretch out, and boats are brought out of their winter storage, it is time, once again, to consider the many activities offered by our beloved Land Between the Lands area, known locally as simply the “LBL”. Here in Cadiz—the small town that also serves as the gateway to the famous Lake Barkley—you can enjoy one of the nation’s most significant fishing locales as well as a body of water beloved by boating enthusiasts worldwide. Camping is also always in season in the LBL, and there are several campgrounds and cabins to choose from including the Wrangles Campground, Turkey Bay (mentioned in more detail below), Hurricane Creek, and Energy Lake, just to name a few. 

About The Star: Lake Barkley

As the star of the LBL area, Lake Barkley is worth mentioning all on its own. This stunning body of water makes up over 57,900 acres of water and stretches 118 miles long, making it an extremely “tall” lake. The more than 1,000 miles of shorelines surrounding the lake provide ample opportunities for fishing and boating for water enthusiasts of all types to enjoy. Taking a satellite view and looking down at the earth, Lake Barkley serves as the easternmost border of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. This “water playground,” also known as Lake Barkley, features sandy beaches and more, making it an ideal spot for summer visitors. Water skiers, wave-makers, jet skiers, wave borders, and even water tubers enjoy this spacious body of water. 

Non-Water Appeal, Hit The Trails

While the LBL is admittedly water-focused when it comes to sports and fun activities, as its name would suggest, that isn’t to say there isn’t anything available for those of you who prefer to keep your feet dry. There are countless trails and loops to explore in the region which allow you to either bike or hike to your heart’s content. These beautiful trails wind in and out of forested landscape and even feature some options with gentle grades and shoreline views of Lake Barkley. The Fort Henry Trail System, encompassing 26 miles and 10 different trails, is considered the best trail system in the entire area. For an even greater challenge, try the North South Trail, known as the grand tour, with a length of 65 miles. You can access portions from The Trace, which means you can pick out a section to hike and enjoy without committing to the entire length. 

Don’t Forget About Turkey Bay, Go Off-Roading

If you want to branch out even more and want to try something adventurous, visit the Tukey Bay OHV Area, featuring more than 100 miles of jeep and ATV trails. These super fun off-highway vehicles are an adrenaline junkie’s dream. However, even if you have never before ridden such a vehicle, there are still options for you, thanks to the OHV trails for beginners. These less advanced trails offer families the opportunity to ride together and explore the LBL as a group. In fact, the Youth Trot Trail, which is a half-mile kids riding and learning trail, is where inexperienced riders learn basic techniques and is ideal for beginners. 

Dining in the LBL

With all the many activities the Land Between the Lakes offers, it’s likely you will work up a healthy appetite when staying here. That’s no problem because there are many dining options, such as fun, themed eateries and independently-owned restaurants. Here, in this one destination, Cadiz, Kentucky, foodies of all shapes and sizes will find plenty to enjoy, including authentic Mexican locations, southern downhome cookin’ establishments, juicy ribeye’s, gourmet food, BBQ, and even generational burger joints. All of these and more are within close proximity when you jump off the freeway to see what Cadiz has to offer. 

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Go Cadiz

Suffice it to say that there is plenty to explore, enjoy, eat and more all in and around the LBL, Cadiz, Kentucky area in Trigg County. If you love beautiful scenery, fabulous eateries, fun activities, and comfortable furnishings, you will love this destination!