The 250th anniversary of the historic battles of Concord and Lexington is approaching on April 19, 2025. Concord250 commemorates the semiquincentennial, or 250th anniversary of  the American Revolution, which began here in New England. Two hundred fifty years ago, the men and women of what is now Massachusetts secured their independence from Britain and created a new nation dedicated to the ideals of liberty, equality, natural and civil rights and responsible citizenship. Concord250 honors our first 250 years and inspires Americans to imagine our next 250. To mark this significant anniversary, residents, friends, and neighbors of Concord are invited to commemorate and celebrate this anniversary throughout the entire year.

To experience Concord is to experience the American story- from that of the Indigenous People of Musketaquid who lived here for 10,000 years; the early colonists who were drawn to this inland area at the confluence of three river; to the Minute Men and their families who fought for political independence from England; to People of African descent seeking freedom from their enslavers; to 19th and 20th century visionaries, writers, immigrants, workers and farmers who worked to build the community we know today. 

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Come to Concord for the day, the week or longer.  We offer daily walking tours along with custom itineraries, private walking tours, hop on bus tours and more.  You can walk, bike or boat to enjoy our thousands of acres of trails and protected lands.  The greater Concord area features world-class Museums, cultural attractions, live music and performance venues.

Allow our visitor center staff to be your welcome to Concord concierge. 

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