There is no other place like Okeechobee to escape the bitter cold winds and snow of the North.  This small rural community enjoys a mild winter with average temperatures of 80’s in the afternoon and 60’s in the evening.  How about enjoying these beautiful temperatures with some time outdoors?  Escape to the second largest lake in the contiguous United States Lake Okeechobee and feel the sun warm your face while dropping a line and waiting for that prize bite.  

Take some time to get lost in nature at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park where the campsites are nestled under star filled skies.  This natural landscape gives way to amazing open prairie’s and miles of open spaces for wildlife and birdwatching.  The park is not too far from the lake where a quick trip on a speeding airboat will complete the experience and give you an up close and personal experience with alligators that make Lake Okeechobee their home.

Things to do in Okeechobee

Looking for unique boutiques or great gifts to remember this warm weather getaway take walk in our downtown with a great blend of small businesses and restaurants.  Okeechobee is an easy drive from either coast which makes it a convenient, accessible destination for your upcoming travel plans. 

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For outdoors, sunshine and fun make Okeechobee the place to go! Okeechobee Tourism is your local visitor resource so reach out for more information to Sharie Turgeon, Tourism Coordinator at 863-763-3959 or visit our website at