If you love the great outdoors and the adventures to be found along the trails, Rabun County is rich with hiking opportunities for hikers of all ages, abilities and interests. Whether you prefer an easy hike to a spectacular waterfall, a challenging hike to an amazing mountain-top view, or anything in-between, we have a trail to suit your heart’s desire.

Our most notable trail is certainly the Appalachian Trail. A.T. founder Benton MacKaye, had a vision of the Appalachian Trail providing opportunities for recreation, recuperation and employment. “The project is one for a series of recreational communities throughout the Appalachian chain… to be connected by a walking trail.” The Trail was officially completed in 1937 and became part of the National Park System. Today, the A.T. extends more than 2,198 miles from Maine to Georgia within a protected 250,000 acre greenway. ]

Appalachian Trail

Over 3 million people hike the Appalachian Trail each year. Hikers come from across the globe and are drawn to the A.T. for a variety of reasons, such as reconnecting with nature, escaping the stress of city life and experiencing a simpler life. Rabun County’s share of the Appalachian Trail is the northern most section in Georgia and offers stunning mountain-top views and the sight of Lakes Burton, Seed and Rabun nestled between the rolling mountains near the horizon.

Another popular trail is the historic Bartram Trail. The trail is named for the 18th-century American naturalist, William Bartram, who traveled southeastern colonial America between the years of 1773 and 1777, documenting and illustrating species of plants and animals previously unknown to western civilization. The most established section of the Bartram Trail winds about 115 miles from the North Georgia mountains into North Carolina and was designated as a National Recreation Trail by the National Trails System Act of 1968.

In Rabun County, the Bartram trail covers 36.5 miles and is well marked with historic markers. It follows the mountain ridge line to its highest point in Georgia, the summit of Rabun Bald at 4,969 feet, where you can see for countless miles in all directions. From there it passes a number of waterfalls before dropping to its lowest elevation along a stretch of the Chattooga River. The rugged beauty of this National Wild and Scenic River will fill your heart with the same sights and sounds that have been alive in these woods for centuries.

There are countless other trails throughout Rabun County and especially at our three state parks. Black Rock Mountain, Tallulah Gorge and Moccasin Creek State Parks all have a variety of trail and hiking experiences for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

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The trails feature everything from a suspension bridge that swings 80 feet over a thundering waterfall, trails that lead down in to the gorge and take you to the river where you can slide down a waterfall, or to a mountain-top vista offering 80-mile views in to Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. Other trails will take you to “on” or “off-the-beaten-path” waterfalls, including Minnehaha Falls, Mud Creek Falls, Angel Falls and Panther Falls, among many others.

Rabun County

Throughout Rabun County, the rugged beauty of the Southern Appalachian mountains is simply stunning when experienced from the vantage point of a wonderful, wilderness trail. Hike them all! You’ll be left in awe of the immeasurable beauty of this amazing North Georgia county. From rushing waterfalls, inspiring mountain-top views, pristine lakes, rivers and streams, to peaceful and serene forests, Rabun County will become one of your favorite destinations for hiking and outdoor adventures of all sorts. Visit ExploreRabun.com for more information or to plan your trip today!