Nothing could be finer than to be in Halifax County, North Carolina

Any time of Year!

It’s been said that North Carolina has perfect mild weather yet still lets you enjoy the four seasons. That is true for the gateway to the great state, Halifax County. Make your plans now to visit this special part of the state located just off I-95 as you enter the state from Virginia and enjoy its many unique attractions.

Weldon Mills Distillery

North Carolina’s new distillery, Weldon Mills Distillery, is pouring spirits on the banks of the Roanoke River. This new hot spot in Weldon, NC, just a “rock skip” from I-95, is the vision of Bruce Tyler and Michael Hinderliter. Friends for years, their idea is to make “booze with cause”! Bruce explains, “Weldon Mills is producing two lines of bourbon with one dedicated to raising money for the families of fallen soldiers, and the other is a premium reserve bourbon. The Mill offers a regular whiskey and two flavored Whiskeys, one with sweet potato and the other with caramel green apple.

They also produce a Rockfish line of whiskey and apparel focused on rockfish preservation, a significant resource for the community. Vodka and gin are produced, including the first rhubarb gin in the US. They are using a new process for these spirits, not yet used in the industry. Tours are offered to embrace the local history and the spirit-making process. Folks can enjoy a tasting and purchase bottles and memorabilia in the distillery. Additionally, they can purchase mixed drinks with spirits at the Mill.

Historic Halifax State

No trip to northeastern North Carolina is complete without a visit to the Birthplace of Independence. Historic Halifax State Historic Site takes you back in time to April 12, 1776. This date is commemorated on the North Carolina flag, which signifies the Fourth Provincial Congress’s adoption of the Halifax Resolves, the first official action for independence by any colony. 2026 will mark the 250 the anniversary of the signing of the resolves, not to mention the Declaration of Independence. The state of North Carolina and the Town of Halifax are planning for a revolutionary celebration! At Historic Halifax, you can experience the lifestyle of those early revolutionaries.

The Visitor Center offers an audiovisual presentation, exhibits, guided tours, and displays depicting the town’s history. Several historic structures are open on the site, including the Sally Billy House (1808), the Burgess House (1808), the Halifax County Jail (1838), the Tap Room (1760) & Eagle Tavern (1790), the Owens House (1760), Clerks Office (1832) and more. The Montfort House, an archaeological exhibit over original foundations, portrays the lifestyle of this wealthy Halifax resident, the first and only Provincial Grand Master Mason of North America.

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Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck is on everyone’s North Carolina Bucket List. Discover the world’s most extensive collection of rare and endangered waterfowl. Sylvan Heights allows visitors to see over 2,500 birds from around the globe, from ducks, geese, and swans, to parrots, pheasants, cranes, owls, toucans, flamingos, and much more.

Things to do in Halifax County

Visitors of all ages and interests can walk through continentally-themed aviaries, experiencing these creatures’ diverse beauty, color, and sound. For an even more interactive experience, guests can feed parakeets and flamingos in the park’s Landing Zone exhibit. An amazing handicapped-accessible treehouse overlooks the natural wetlands, and the Beaver Pond Blind allows visitors to get closer to North Carolina’s native wildlife. They offer regularly scheduled educational programming and special events. Tours are self-guided, but guided tours are also available by appointment.

The county’s local visitor center offers something for everyone, and even a great dog run for your furry family members. For more information, visit