Nestled in Southern New Mexico, amidst sprawling natural landscapes, experience Truth or Consequences, New Mexico—the ultimate hidden gem of the Southwest, boasting natural beauty, healing waters, and eclectic charm. 

Originally called Hot Springs, the town got its current name from a game show, and that’s just a snapshot of the small community’s quirky nature. On a stroll through Downtown Truth or Consequences, visitors will get a close-up view of the vibrant nature of life as a local. Here, you can view world-class artists’ diverse work at a variety of galleries, browse through antique stores for rare finds, or stop in for a local craft brew at Truth or Consequences Brewery and Taproom. 

Truth or Consequences

While in town, unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by soaking in the area’s famed healing waters. Renowned as a health center through the 1920s–1940s, today Truth or Consequences (or T or C as it’s called by locals) is a chosen destination by those looking to melt away stress, slow down the pace, and sooth various ailments. Offering luxurious comfort and therapeutic benefits including relaxation, reduced stress, improved blood flow, pain relief, improved skin conditions and better sleep, soaks are offered at hot springs, lodges and spas, and mineral bath houses. All offer natural waters with temperatures around 98 to 115 degrees that are full of minerals and promote natural healing.

After a restorative soak, grab lunch or dinner at one of the area’s local eateries. With options for upscale and casual dining and everything in between, local restaurants shine in T or C. Ranging from New Mexico cuisine crafted with local flavors to high-end steakhouses, quaint diners and cafes, and healthy, fresh dishes, you’ll find options to suit any palate. Depending on the timing of your visit, you’re also likely to find live local music, farmers’ and makers’ markets, and lively events. 

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New Mexico

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Whether solo traveling or visiting with family or friends, Truth or Consequences offers affordable lodging, a wide variety of outdoor recreation and exploration, and a charming small-town atmosphere with several hole-in-the-wall businesses worth a stop. 

Putting the enchantment in the Land of Enchantment, Truth or Consequences is the ideal location for your next affordable, rejuvenating getaway. 

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