Named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Customs, Dorothy’s official hometown of Liberal, Kansas celebrates clicking your heels three times and saying “There’s No Place Like Home.” Learn about life in Dorothy’s Kansas and see the lasting influence of the Wizard of Oz movie as you explore Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz.

Enjoy an immersive Wizard of Oz tour that combines a colorful review of the film starting with stories of actual life on a 1900s farm. Guides, sometimes dressed as Dorothy Gale from the movie, escort visitors through a 1907 farmhouse, where they can see glimpses of what life was like for early day Kansas farm families. Dorothy’s bedroom is set up similar to her room in the movie.

The tour then continues into the 5,000 square feet of entertainment that is the Land of Oz. The tour begins with a bang of thunder and cracks of lightning and then flies into Munchkinland. Good and bad witches, Munchkins, talking trees, winged monkeys, and of course, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Toto, too, are all represented as the tour travels to see the wizard.

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At the end of the tour OZ movie memorabilia, including a scale model of Dorothy’s house believed to have been used in the 1939 filming is on display. From children discovering Oz for the first time to lifelong fans, Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz is a family friendly experience that welcomes everyone to the joy of Oz.

Visitors are welcomed every day of the week during the summer months. Hours are 9 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday with the last tour of the day at 4:15 and 1-5 pm Sundays. From Labor Day to Memorial, Dorothy takes Mondays and major holidays off. For more information go to