While the sun stretches out its time above the horizon, thousands of beach lovers travel from far and wide to spend their vacation enjoying the bustling energy of the summer season along the pristine coast of Southern Delaware. When the summer crowds return home and the sun begins to dip earlier each evening, showing off its deeper fall hues—the locals and long-time visitors begin to whisper about the “second-season” like a hidden treasure. 

In the air, there’s a feeling of…Festivals. The new year along the Southern Delaware Coast kicks off with the Fire and Ice Festival that takes place during the last weekend in January. Visitors and locals alike spend the weekend taking in over 60,000 pounds of ice that has been transformed into masterfully crafted sculptures. 

Spring puts on a show for those who love wildlife; and fishermen and foodies together all eagerly await the first catches of the season. For those who are ready to get back outside, the award-winning Ocean to Bay Bike Tour is an early kickoff for the season. 

Come back and continue to explore; endless opportunities abound. Wind along sandy trails through black pines. Kayak along the banks of the canals, bay, and shorelines or spend the day fishing, surfing, or finally fitting in that round of golf. If it is retail therapy you need, shop tax-free among many unique boutiques, galleries, and local specialty shops.

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Whether you prefer salty, sweet, or savory, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. The Culinary CoastTM is brimming with a variety of spectacular dining; boasting award-winning chefs, farm-to-table dishes, and mouth-watering seafood. The truth is that time doesn’t fly so fast when you realize the places you love to visit in the summer are full of hidden gems year-round.