Getting anywhere on Nantucket Island is a breeze without a car!

Get your steps in! Take a self-guided walking tour of downtown at a leisurely pace or walk from town to our beautiful south shore beaches in under an hour.

Sit back and enjoy the view. Nearly all the beaches and landmarks are less than 20 minutes from town on our convenient free public bus service, the WAVE. This is a great way to get around without needing to worry about parking. Please see their website for routes and hours of operation.

Nantucket Island is also very accessible by bike. Bring your own bike or rent a bike and explore. It is less than a 10-mile ride to reach the farthest ends of the island. There are also bike tour companies on the island who are happy to show you the trails. We highly encourage wearing a helmet, so bring yours from home or accept one with your rental. The island is ringed with beautiful beaches,many accessible via the Wave/NRTA free bus. Please note that beaches on the north side of the island tend to have calmer waters while those on the southern and eastern shores can have larger waves.

The Nantucket motto is to “leave only footprints” on the beaches.  The vast stretch of stunning natural beaches forming our island’s ever-changing coastline are a unique and precious resource worthy of our protection.

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In addition to the lovely beaches, the unique and visually dramatic island landscape features hardwood forests, cranberry bogs, and vernal pools showcasing an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. Popular outlying hiking areas include Sanford Farm off Madaket Road, Squam Farm, and the Middle Moors, with each property containing marked trails with interpretive markers. Please be respectful of the natural beauty and take out everything you bring in.