Nestled in the heart of Alabama, the Auburn-Opelika region is a vibrant fusion of modern Southern hospitality and a burgeoning culinary scene. Anchored by the prestigious Auburn University, the area has evolved into a dynamic destination that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, capturing the essence of the South while embracing the changing culture of today.

At the core of Auburn-Opelika’s allure is its commitment to warm hospitality, creating an inviting atmosphere in historic downtown areas that resonate with charm and welcoming vibes. Auburn University, one of the South’s largest educational institutions, plays a pivotal role in shaping the region’s cultural tapestry. This beacon of academic excellence combines a traditional blend of arts and applied science, ensuring a commitment to cherished traditions while adapting to the evolving landscape of contemporary education.

A culinary haven for discerning food enthusiasts, Auburn-Opelika’s diverse culinary landscape is an array of eateries that caters to a spectrum of tastes and budgets. The region’s calendar is full of family-friendly events, adding to its identity as a community where food serves as a unifying force, fostering cherished memories for all.

Auburn Opelika, AL

Legendary restaurants and talented chefs have become the pride of the community, boasting James Beard recognition and gracing the pages of prestigious publications such as Garden & Gun, Southern Living, and Wine Spectator. Acre, an esteemed downtown tradition led by Chef David Bancroft, is a shining example of Auburn-Opelika’s dedication to an authentic and memorable dining experience. From fried green tomatoes topped with crab meat and pimento cheese to an elevated chicken-fried-chicken, Acre encapsulates the essence of Southern cuisine, crafting a symphony of flavors that lingers on the palate.

Café 123, housed in a historic drugstore building, seamlessly marries the charm of a 50s soda fountain with modern culinary flair. Offering hand-cut ribeyes, sushi-grade tuna, and more, Café 123 is a testament to the region’s ability to blend tradition with contemporary culinary artistry.

Botanic, a culinary gem that transcends traditional dining experiences, is an unparalleled fusion of creativity and artistry. Beyond being a restaurant or event space, Botanic boasts sprawling areas, each with its own distinctive character and purpose. This exceptional venue invites patrons to meander through its spaces, fostering moments of connection with friends, providing live entertainment accompanied by the presence of both music and chickens, allowing children to play freely, drawing inspiration from nature, and satisfying both the culinary and soulful appetites.

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The Tony & Libba Rane Culinary Science Center, home to 1856 – Culinary Residence, is a pinnacle of gastronomic refinement that pays homage to Auburn University’s founding year. Guided by a rotating Chef in Residence, students curate both à la carte lunches and sophisticated tasting menus, fostering an ever-evolving epicurean journey. This collaborative space propels students into culinary excellence, aligning theoretical brilliance with practical artistry.

Auburn Opelika, AL

Opelika, a proud component of Auburn-Opelika’s cultural scene, is synonymous with craft spirits and innovative brewing. John Emerald Distilling Company stands as a pioneer in the craft spirits scene, offering a range of fine liquors. Joined by Red Clay Brewing Company in 2015 and Resting Pulse Brewery in 2019, these venues, situated in the hip arts district of historic downtown Opelika, have become cultural hubs featuring live music and a year-round calendar of special events.

As historic rail lines and scenic drives wind through live oaks, dogwoods, and azaleas, Auburn-Opelika unveils itself as a destination defined by warm hospitality and a surprising mix of activities. This immersive journey into the heart of modern Southern hospitality is punctuated by authentic culinary experiences that linger, creating an enduring connection to a town that embeds itself in your soul. Auburn-Opelika isn’t merely a place to visit; it’s a nostalgic adventure where the flavors persist long after the last bite, forging an indelible connection to a town that becomes a part of who you are. In Auburn-Opelika, the South’s rich traditions and its culinary future converge, creating a unique destination that invites exploration, celebration, and a lasting connection to the heart of Alabama.