You will find an entirely different experience in Allamakee County, the Northeast corner of Iowa! Tucked away in the heart of America, it is a safe and serene place. Deeply carved river valleys, upward reaching bluffs and outdoor activities for all seasons, are just a few things that make our county one of a kind! We have spectacular views of bluffs, the longest trout stream in the state, and the only National Monument in Iowa. Allamakee is the place for adventure, family friendly experiences and our unrivaled natural beauty.

The meandering trout streams, rugged sandstone bluffs, and springs appeal to the nature lover in all of us. This is a place to enjoy plentiful wildlife and scenic rivers with sandy islands, panoramic valleys, historic towns and timbered hills.

Allamakee County also has many privately owned attractions and recreational opportunities.

Allamakee County

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Besides our natural surroundings, Allamakee County offers quaint downtowns and unique shops, restaurants, museums, education centers and much more. This is a place where the wild woods grow, the rivers wander, grasslands meet bluffs and rolling hills turn amber in fall. It is a place to live, work and play… a place where people privately vacation outside their own back doors.

Explore! We welcome you with Midwest charm and hospitality.