If you’re looking for a getaway filled with unforgettable outdoor activities, you’re probably what we call an “Outsider.” In Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach, we’re always excited to welcome Outsiders to our off-the-beaten-path community on Florida’s Southwest Gulf Coast. Home to 12 miles of pristine beaches, Charlotte Harbor and the Peace and Myakka Rivers, the area offers endless fun on the water, from kayaking and boat tours to some of the best fishing in the world. You’ll also discover original restaurants with plenty of character, from fine dining establishments to waterside tiki huts.  

In Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach, we have our own set of resident Outsiders who love to share their passion for the area with visitors. Here are some of their suggestions on how to enjoy the area’s coastal treasures.

Outsider Aaron Koher on Glass Bottom Kayaking

“It’s a great way of getting that snorkeling experience without getting in the water. Through the glass bottom boats you’re going to see animals like starfish, sea urchins and sea conchs. And that’s because of the water here. It’s beautiful, it’s absolutely crystal clear.” Learn more at https://www.pureflorida.com/outsiders-welcome/outsider-aaron-koher/

Outsider Captain Jay Withers on Fishing

“With my charters, I try to give everyone a full experience. Certainly, fishing is part of it, but I want you to experience the beautiful nature we see here every day. From the sunrise to the wildlife. The birds, the dolphins, the manatees, and everything else. Of course, I am a fishing guide, so yes, we want to catch some fish, and we have a lot of fun doing that.”  Learn more at  https://www.pureflorida.com/outsiders-welcome/capt-jay-withers/

Outsider Mark Timchula, “The Beach Guy” on His Favorite Thing in Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach
Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach

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“Well, obviously the weather. It’s sunny, it’s warm, the skies are clear, and you can spend pretty much every single day outside. A lot of the land is still pristine, untouched and natural. Most of all it’s the feeling you get here. It’s laid back, it’s quiet, the people aren’t a big rush to get anywhere, they’re friendly, and it just feels like the way Florida used to be.” Learn more at https://www.pureflorida.com/outsiders-welcome/outsider-mark-timchula/

Outsiders Laurie and Keith Farlow on Dining at Their Restaurant, Farlow’s on the Water

“At Farlow’s we proudly serve locally sourced fish caught right here in the Gulf and the surrounding waters. Our fish cart shows off the quality of the fresh fish we serve in our restaurants, but also helps us educate our customers on what they’re eating. From the kids to the adults, everyone loves seeing the fish cart. They oooo and ahhh over it, so it’s really fun.” Learn more at https://www.pureflorida.com/outsiders-welcome/outsider-keith-and-laurie-farlow/

Outsider Brenda Hillberry, Cruise Guide, on Dolphin Tours

“We went out with a couple from up north who had never really been out on the water and within a few minutes found a family of dolphins that actually followed alongside the boat. The couple was completely overwhelmed, and the wife even started crying tears of joy at seeing these dolphins, especially the baby dolphin.” Learn more at https://www.pureflorida.com/outsiders-welcome/outsider-brenda-hillberry/

Outsider Alex Voss on Alligator Bay Distillers

“We make small-batch, craft rum and whiskey from scratch. We’re an award-winning distiller for our rum, having won two gold medals back-to-back at the Miami Rum Festival. On a tour at our distillery, visitors can see how we make our alcohol firsthand. They can ask questions and get immediate feedback and that gives a better understanding of what they’re consuming.” Learn more at https://www.pureflorida.com/outsiders-welcome/outsider-alex-voss/

To learn more about the Punta Gorda/Englewood area and to plan your trip, visit www.PureFlorida.com.

Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach