The outdoors of St. Landry Parish in Louisiana is an experience unlike any other. The landscapes found here make up a near-complete representation of those found across the state. From coastal prairies in Eunice to the iconic wetlands of the Atchafalaya Basin in Krotz Springs. You can find all of Louisiana here. 

Part of being outdoors is experiencing the wildlife. If you head to our wildlife management areas, you can catalogue over 200 species of birds. They range from large wading birds like the rosette spoonbill or snowy egrets, common among the crawfish ponds along our quiet byways, or raptors like the protected bald eagles that nest in the tall cypress trees of our swamps to neotropical songbirds like the bright yellow prothonotary warblers. You can add some variety to your birding trip by trying one of our cycling routes. Identify birds as you pass flooded rice fields and follow alongside bayous for a relaxing ride.

If you were thinking about picking up kayaking, the Bayou Teche is the perfect waterway for beginners. A gentle current coupled with floating docks and information kiosks provided by the T.E.C.H.E. Project make this national waterway easily accessible. The kiosks spotlight local flora and fauna as well as stories that are important to the communities surrounding them. The Teche also happens to flow through some of the iconic food destinations in our parish. You can actually have a floating food tour by stopping at restaurants and boudin-toting supermarkets that line the Teche.

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Cater your outdoor experience in St. Landry Parish to what suits you best. If you would prefer to have a short morning walk along one of the hiking trails of the wildlife management areas to offset an indulgent meal at a local restaurant, or if you want to test your limits and paddle the entire 135 miles of the Teche, there’s something for you.