Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. It signals growth and change and brighter, longer days ahead. While there are saddlebag loads of adventure to be had in any season, spring in the Cody Yellowstone area has some special charm.

You’ll find the first official day of spring marked on March 20 of any calendar, and the season makes for some amazing wildlife viewing. Here in Cody Yellowstone, the season truly begins when animals start appearing with their newborns. Bison calves, affectionately called “red dogs” on account of their reddish-colored, fuzzy fur and exuberant demeanour, are among the first to make their debut. Spring wildlife and the “Spring Critter Watch” should be on every bucket list.

For spectacular scenery, our forests, river valleys, ranges, and canyons are a dream come true.

Spring in the Cody Yellowstone

In spring, the mountains come to life with vibrant colors as stunning spring wildflowers start making an appearance. Much of Cody Yellowstone’s spring season can be appreciated along its

spring in the Cody Yellowstone

scenic hiking trails, accessible once the snow begins to clear. Local favorites include the Bluebird Trail and Cedar Mountain Trail, which begins with a strenuous uphill climb that gives way to stunning views from the summit. For more even and predictable terrain (without sacrificing the views), try the Prickly Pear Trail—a paved walking path that circles two lakes.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and thinner crowds of the season to see some of our world-famous attractions up close and personal. Pop into our many friendly shops, or explore the West’s legends, cultures, and artwork at the beautiful Buffalo Bill Center of the West — home to five museums under one roof. Then, step back in time at Old Trail Town when it opens in the middle of May and wander through authentic frontier buildings from the 1800s, located on the original site of historic Cody City.

Catch a glimpse of the majestic wild mustangs of McCullough Peaks as they gallop across the open plains or hit the water on a memorable white water rafting excursion down the mighty Shoshone. In late spring, get your complimentary Wild West Trail Pass to discover our unique Wild West culture. Or, take your adventure further afield and venture into nearby Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park. The East Gate and the Northeast Gate are accessible from the Cody Yellowstone area. The East Gate opens May 3, while the Northeast Gate will open later in May after the snow clears.

All this exploring is sure to work up an appetite, and Cody Yellowstone’s restaurants are here to fill you up. Reward yourself with a perfectly-grilled steak at Cody Steakhouse, a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Visit local go-to favorite Sitti’s Table, recently featured on the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, for authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean family meals. Then, make your way along the Cody Yellowstone Sippin’ Trail to sample some of the best watering holes in the region.

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Sweeping vistas and untamed wilderness. Legendary locations and limitless outdoor fun and adventure. No destination puts on a show quite like Cody Yellowstone. Established by “Buffalo Bill” Cody more than a century ago, Cody Yellowstone is a place where you can ride horses, rope cattle, and live the ways of the Wild West. Where the Spirit of the West is alive and well. You’re welcome to explore this wild land any time of year, but there’s a little extra magic to catch in the spring.

To learn more about Cody Yellowstone and start planning your own Wild West adventures this fall, visit CodyYellowstone.org or call 1-800-393-CODY.