A refreshing experience

Rural – The rural landscape changes with the seasons – spring of soft green with new sprouts of wheat, corn and beans,  summer of lush fields of deep green crops, fall of deep brown fields and combines working to bring the crops to harvest, and winter with the dark brown fields laying dormant, drinking the moisture of rains and snowfalls – while often bleak, it is reassurance to the farmers knowing this is the needed season of rest for the soil as it awaits the warming sun of spring.

Faith – Churches of many faiths are found in the  towns and villages of the County; older, small churches dot the rural landscape.  Visitors are always welcome to join their congregations in worship or take a leisurely drive to enjoy the unique architecture of these historic edifices. 

Cuisine – No one goes away hungry with the multitude of  eateries in the county – from local pizzerias and chain restaurants to mom-and-pop eateries to newer more upscale restaurants serving freshly prepared entrees.  Many  also serve their own unique pizzas as well as other cuisine.  There are many choices to satisfy the hunger pains of locals and visitors to the area!  Other options for consumption are a local winery/ brewery in a unique rural setting; two coffee houses, one of which roasts coffee beans for their unique blends that are used by many coffee houses in the surrounding communities; and a unique brewery/bar that often has evening entertainment or events.

Three museums

Historic –  Three museums portray the county’s past with displays heralding the county’s early settlers, ethnic, and Native American history. The County Courthouse where court scenes for  “Shawshank Redemption” were filmed  also  is a timeless pictorial display depicting the county’s patriotic history. The McCutchen Inn and General store  tell of travelers long gone.  As the last home of the Wyandotte Indians in Ohio, Indian Mill and the Wyandot Mission Church, a Methodist Shrine, served these natives until they were removed in 1843. Another National Shrine located in Carey is Our Lady of Consolation  where many come for healing. The County also has two restored covered bridges, Parker and Swartz.

Wyanstock Music Festival

Events –  Wyanstock Music Festival has become a favorite with many and is held the first weekend in July.  Carey Fest, a local festival, is held the first weekend in August.  Treasure seekers shop the garage and yard sales for bargains and unique finds the second weekend in August during the  Lincoln Highway BuyWay.  September’s favorites are the Wyandot County Fair (second week),  one of Ohio’s best fairs, and the 4th Saturday when the streets of Upper Sandusky are lined with vintage vehicles for the Wyandot Cruisers Car Show & Cruise In.  Upper Sandusky’s Winter Festival of Lights the month of December is a drive thru light show extravaganza that has welcomed thousands of visitors each year for the past quarter of a century.

Wyandot County

Wyandot County

Birding – Wyandot County is a favorite with all who are interested in Birds.  Many eagles’ nests are found throughout the county and others visit the Upper Sandusky Reservoir or Killdeer Plains, a state wildlife refuge, to view the eagles and the many birds who reside there or migrate thru each season. 

Shopping – Small boutiques are found in most of the communities with local artist and vendor’s merchandise displayed.  The communities are also served by local hardware stores, one a historic edifice and the other that has been enlarged and updated, both giving great customer service.

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