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Seriously ready to get away from the everyday routine and the sources of your stress? Then you’re ready to discover Dubois, a truly authentic Western town hidden away from the crowds in a beautiful mountain valley under an endless sky.

For more than a century, Dubois has been a destination for tourists in the know, who journeyed here to escape the heat and crowding of cities and enjoy the legendary pleasures of the mountain West. Here you can find everything there is to do in the tourist hot spots of the West. 

Enjoy world class fly fishing from a solitary streamside spot; Let a trusty horse take you to spectacular heights, where you can marvel at countless miles of rugged mountain peaks and brightly striped red rock badlands in all directions or drive your four-wheeler down a mountain track to a place where lumberjacks cut many of the railroad ties that bound East to West a century ago.

Best place for an escape

Dubois is tucked away a mere 90-minute drive from Jackson and the southern entrance to Yellowstone, over a well-paved and gentle mountain road that crosses the Continental Divide. Expedia has designated the village as the best place to escape in Wyoming, and True West magazine called it the town with the most authentic Western architecture.

Known by the Native Americans as the “valley of the warm winds,” the climate in Dubois is gentle winter and summer. Temperatures rarely exceed the 70s on summer days, and in the evening, you will probably need a light jacket or a vest.

So many adventures to enjoy

The Dubois Museum can take you on a guided hike to see relics left behind by the Native Shoshone, for whom the valley was a regular stop on their annual migrations. Afterwards, drive out to find the mysterious petroglyphs carved into hard rock by some early natives – we can’t know exactly who, why, or when, but it’s fun to guess what they mean.

Stop at the National Bighorn Sheep Center for all you want to know about the area’s abundant wildlife. And don’t miss the new National Museum of Military Vehicles, which portrays the stories of the courageous people who have kept our country free, told through the development of the technology that evolved over the decades to make their difficult work possible.

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Want to head to the water? Your kids can fish safely and easily at Pete’s Pond, our water wildlife refuge right next to the rodeo grounds. Speaking of rodeo, it’s a Friday night tradition in Dubois – a genuine, small-town event where local cowboys and cowgirls compete to show their skills. Tuesday night is the time for square dancing at the Rustic Pine Tavern. No experience needed; the caller teaches the dancers all they need to know, and mix-ups are part of the fun.

Things to Do in Dubois

How to learn more

Dubois is ready to welcome you, whether you stay in a rustic motel, a high-end rental cabin, or a guest ranch with all the amenities. You’ll find a variety of restaurants that serve up a gourmet steak, a great pizza, an elk burger, and much more.

For further information, check out, or stop at the Headwaters Center when you arrive. Then get ready to get away from it all!

Written by Lois Wingerson