It’s never easy to choose where you’d like to go for your next big getaway, but it gets even harder to do when you decide to throw yourself a bit of a curveball & try something different. This year, you’ve decided to make your next big trip be a mountain retreat. Maybe you watched an inspiring documentary on mountain ranges, or you just felt as though there was something you’d always wanted to try but were afraid to just go for it. Not only were you keen on the mountain retreat happening, but you were able to convince your family it was the best thing since sliced bread, and now they’re on board. There’s just one thing left to do — choose the right one.

Here is a guide to help you along the way:

Define Retreat — It is important to know exactly what you mean when you say the word ‘retreat’. For some, the idea of a retreat is actually getting away from things & exploring a remote area that isn’t heavily influenced by the outside world, so to speak. For others, a retreat is more of a luxurious trip filled with spa treatments and chic décor. Both types of retreat exist, so find what speaks to you the most.

Compare Town Size & Population — Some towns have populations in the hundreds and can be traversed (by car) in a few minutes. This makes for an easier time getting around, meeting the locals, making new friends, and giving your senses a break from the usual environmental pollution to which they are subjected. If you’re looking to really get away, this may be the ticket.

Breakdown of Activities & Downtime — Nothing sullies a vacation than trying to do too much at one time. You get up ridiculously early, earlier than you would for work, and you’re bound to an itinerary that leaves little room for just taking it easy. You want your retreat to have a good balance of things to do, as well as just being able to kick back & dig on nature.

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Length of Your Getaway — It’s the one thing that most people don’t think about when taking a trip, but you need to figure out how long your trip actually is from start to finish. Factor in how long you’ll travel to your destination & how far your lodging is from the action. Not taking the time to do this can lead to a rushed experience, and that’s not your goal.

A mountain retreat sounds like something out of a wilderness survival guidebook, a type of activity that’s perhaps a little antiquated given the amount of technology were surrounded by on a daily basis. Then again, this may be exactly why a mountain retreat is the perfect way to just get away for a bit. Finding solace in nature & reconnecting with the great outdoors is invigorating to the soul, and at a time when we feel the most disconnected, seeking refuge in the mountains, even for just a little while, may be just what we need to keep on keeping on.

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By: Alfred Mears