Midwest towns may be easy to overlook, especially when you’re mindlessly driving past exits on the interstate and only paying attention to the GPS and notifications that pop up in your travel app. However, what unique stops are you missing along the way? Be a Trailblazer and forge your own path to places off the normal monotony of the highway routine to explore and be enchanted by the beauty and opportunity of the Stephenson County. 

Families and visitors rave about the over 50 miles of hiking and biking trails across the country. Pick your path and your challenge level and enjoy the views! Some fun places to walk, bike, and unwind include the Jane Addams Trail, Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park, Oakdale Nature Preserve, Krape Park, Hideaway Park, Evangeline Forest Walk, and Tutty’s Crossing. Outdoor activities are plentiful with more than two dozen parks in the area and attractions like Little Cubs Field, the Krape Park carousel, mini-golf and paddle boats.

Stephenson County

If water trails are more your style, we can accommodate! Yellow Creek from Krape Park offers shaded scenery, and the Pecatonica River from Winslow to Tutty’s Crossing presents winding waters for up to 30 miles. Avid golfers will also enjoy swinging clubs on any of our challenging courses including Park Hills Golf Course, The Freeport Club, and Wolf Hollow Golf Course. You will surely enjoy the variety of stunning views that keep you busy all weekend long.

We know that for many, the idea of having a good time is depicted by having their favorite beverage in hand. We are proud to be the home of three craft breweries and great selection of friendly and sophisticated establishments.

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Generations Brewing Company resurrected the brewing industry once located in Freeport sparking a reinvention of the craft in the area. Multiplying the palatable pleasure, Lena Brewing Company and Wishful Acres Farms & Brewery established residence and are situated just off the Highway 20 west of Freeport and offer special recipes and tasting opportunities with something new at each taphouse.